Here comes the sun

I woke up this morning to a sharp sliver of sunbeam coming through the shades and my heart leapt. I cannot remember the last time it was sunny in Chicago. One week? Two weeks? Maybe even three? I've lost count. This is the part of the winter where I trudge through the days, head down, barely aware of the passage of time, just wishing for spring to come and warm my bones. Call it S.A.D., call it cabin fever, call it a normal human response to being stuck inside with ZERO SUNLIGHT, but man. It really is a lesson in optimism to try and stay positive when the world around you is enveloped in gloom. 

But we won't worry about that anymore today. Today we'll just celebrate the sun. With that, I thought it might be a good day to share some film images from our travels to warmer pastures earlier this winter. Looking at these, I can just feel the warm breeze in my hair and the sand beneath my toes. Sigh. Who ever thought it was a good idea to live in Chicago anyway?! 

This is a big fat mixture of Ektar & Fuji. Some scanned by Indie Film Lab, some scanned by me. Thanks for looking.