Falling back

Every year when November rolls around my body protests, complaining to me like a disgruntled employee: "Are you kidding me? It's WAY too cold and dark and wet and dreary for me to function normally. I'm going on strike!" And then like clockwork, my autoimmune disease flares up, I get debilitating fatigue, SAD kicks in, and the whole shebang goes to hell in a handbasket. By December the change of season inertia settles and things balance out. But man, November is always a challenge for me. 

I'm already feeling the November tailspin so I decided to go back through some summer pictures to remind myself of what sunshine looks like. These are from our family trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

There's a certain magic about the Northwoods that I've loved since I was a little girl. Nature's presence is so looming & undeniable you can't help but get lost in it. While we definitely weren't roughing it, the isolation and quiet was deep solace for our souls. I think I devoured four books in seven days, Aaron fished to his heart's content (and fed us so well), and the boys spent their days wading in the soft buttery sand while searching for treasures. We look forward to returning to this special spot next year. Besides our host's cabin, we had the entire lake to ourselves. 

These photos were balm to my frazzled body today. I hope they can remind you too of the sweet breeze of summer days. 

(All photos shot on film. Medium format developed and scanned by Indie film Lab. 35mm developed by CSW Film Systems and scanned by me. )