A morning with Mama

Motherhood sessions were something new I added in 2017 and I couldn't love doing them more. In fact, they are my absolute favorite sessions to photograph. It's hard to describe, but the vibes of these sessions are so different than family sessions. A little more casual, a little more intimate, a little more relaxed, a little more.....laugh-y and love-y (to put it not-so-eloquently).  Plus, nothing makes me happier than focusing solely on the remarkable bond between mom and her kids. 

When this client (also a dear friend!) told me she wanted to capture a typical morning with her and her boy--meaning PJ's, no makeup, nothing fancy-I leapt with delight. They are renovating their house soon and she wanted to capture their life and home just as it was. I don't have much more to say besides squishy sweetness abounds!

All images are Portra 400 scanned by Indie Film Lab.