hello and welcome

Well, hi there. I'm Kristin. And this just so happens to be my first blog post. EVER! Currently halfway through an actual (human) pregnancy, I'm a little ashamed to admit it took me longer than nine months for me to gestate this website. Admittedly, this was due to more of a lack of technological knowhow and motivation than much else, but regardless I am thrilled this project has finally birthed itself unto the interwebs. 

So...now what? I'm not quite sure. I'd love to promise some sort of posting regularity, or incredibly witty writing, or a steady stream of pretty photographs, but that would be setting expectations WAY too high. As a pregnant mother of a toddler I like to keep expectations low. Very low. So low that even brushing my teeth in the morning seems like a win.

What I can promise is that this place will be a healthy mix of both client and personal work, as well as a place to run my crazed inner dialogue. I can promise one of these things will be interesting. 

Thanks for stopping by, and please come again soon. I promise I'll brush my teeth.